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Best buys in Florida real estate

Often you can find some amazing bargains in Florida real estate – if you know where to look. Here are hundreds of what might be the best real estate buys in Florida today. Since so many non-residents own property in Florida, it is not unusual to discover that some of these out of state owners […]

Second home buyers

According to a recently released survey by the National Association of Realtors, baby boomers are driving the vacation home market. Here are a few hightlights of the study: The typical buyer is 55 years old, with a household income of $77,000   71% have no children under 18 living at home   86% do not […]

Remodeling along the Florida coast

Before you buy an older home near the beach in Florida, be aware of FEMA’s 50% rule. This rule restricts remodeling a home in the flood plane to 50% of its current value (that’s the value of the house, exclusive of land). If a home is worth $200,000 then up to $100,000 worth of work […]


Weather misconceptions: heat, cold, and hurricanes

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Poodle eating alligators and other Florida myths

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Florida facts

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Local art centers

Many Florida communities support local art centers. Most centers offer gallery space, exhibits, and classes. Here … [Read More...]


Funny Story about retirement in Florida

After Christmas, a teacher asked her young pupils how they spent their holiday away from school. One child … [Read More...]

Six things to know about the cost of living in Florida

Overall, the cost of living in Florida is lower than many locations in the US. Some things cost more, some cost … [Read More...]

Help Wanted: part time jobs for seniors

A quietly growing trend among senior citizens and aging baby boomers is starting to attract more notice. It's part … [Read More...]

Florida Taxes

Florida ranks very favorably in terms of the tax burden placed on residents. The Tax Foundation ranks Florida … [Read More...]